Daily Princetonean: Dear Mrs Patton,

Dear Mrs Patton,

as probably many other people, I have read about your letter in a rather critical article published on the web. But contrary as to what others would think or do, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for your honesty and openness.

In spite of all the modern, feminist brainwashing, you still have the courage to express  openly what is at the very heart of many youg women’s interest: finding a suitable husband and founding a family. The same is of course true for many young men. Most of them dream of a nice wife and many children.

In our modern world, it unfortunately becomes more and more difficult to express that simple truth: a family is by far more important than a career! If one can succeed in combining both, fine! But how many lonely people who are successful in their professional life would readily quit their job and opt for a happy family life  if they only could do so?! Don’t worry about the criticism, don’t apologize. You have a right to have a point of view of your own and to tell it openly to the whole world, even if feminists don’t appreciate (perhaps, especially then!).

Your advice to the young, brilliant women at Princeton is the right one. True, there are many intelligent, valuable, dedicated people and potential good husbands and fathers elsewhere, but they might be difficult to find. I would give the same advice – or almost – to the young male students. Men often look for pretty women ( but women do also prefer attractive men, don’t they?), but in the long run it is simply impossible for an intelligent man to share his life with a dumb woman. In that respect, the difference between the sexes isn’t that big.

So, whether you are male or female, look for your future spouse among your fellow students. You might find a suitable husband or wife among them. Found a family, have children, be happy and ignore feminists!

Mrs Patton, you are again a pioneer woman. Young women should listen to you, rather than to those who hate men from the bottom of their hearts.

Sincerely yours,

Fernand Kartheiser

Luxembourg, Europe



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